Friday, September 28, 2012

Its been awhile!

Hey there, I know its been awhile that I've posted up anything on this blog and I'm so grateful that I still have more than 40 followers! Thank you so much for sticking by me all these years. Now I do want to ask you guys for a favor. I plan to restart up my jewellery line again and with this I need help from my readers...

Please do leave a comment to tell me what kind of jewellery you would like to see next! Send me pictures or give me links and I will try my best to recreate them! Also do share my blog with your friends as that helps me out a lot.

Thanks so much once again(:

Love Nicole


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole! I happened to chance upon your other blog, where you were selling the C&K inspired bucket bag! I'm really interested, kindly do contact me at :)
Hope to hear from you!

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