Friday, December 18, 2009

Fresh Start

Hey guys! So if you haven't realised I deleted all my old blog posts. Why? I just wanted a fresh start. Last time my blog was about telling you guys about my personnel life and whats going on and all, but now I decided to make it an area where I can show off my 'artwork'. HA! They're not artwork as in paintings, but jewellery that I make. So this blog will no longer be an online diary but an area for the expression of my creativity...AND a site where I can sell my 'artworks'!

So whats coming up? I'll be posting pictures, prices and details of the jewellery that I make for your selection and hopefully you'll purchase them!! Fingers-crossed!! Also the details on how you can order them etc. The jewellery are all handmade by me and not bought from some random shop and sold to you guys. So you can say their all like one of a kind, kinda. They may be similar to some other piece of jewellery somewhere but I swear I did not look up photos of different jewellery and try to recreate them! All of them are original ideas that just popped into my head. The prices of the items are all relatively cheap and if you purchase more, I'll give you a nice discount! For now, the sale is only opened to people in Singapore, as shipping of the items purchased would be much easier (: So I'll update again soon!! And please inform your friends about my jewellery sale!! Cause all this depends on word of mouth. So starting opening your mouths and start spreading the word like butter on toast!! Thanks(:

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