Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Swarovski Crystal Series!

Hey! So, I just went to buy new supplies a couple days back, to make somemore beautiful jewellery for you guys! And I started experimenting with swarovski crystals! I really do hope you like the new designs and the new background, cause I fine that my background for the previous designs were too plain.

First item of the swarovski series, a ruby red swarovski earring. Comes with a ruby red swarovski baroque pendant, along with a silver shaped flower with a swarovski crytal in the middle. The baroque pendant and the flower charm was freakin expensive! Selling at $10.

Close up photo of the design. Ain't it beautiful? Only one pair available. However if this earring is highly requested for I would gladly make more.

Dark Abyss
Full photo of Dark Abyss. Made up of fresh water pearls and black Czech crystal beads along with a black agate pendant. Selling at $10.

Close up of the black agate pendant.
How the bracelet looks on my hand.

Handmade Earrings, Sophisticated. Has 2 pinkish-purplish swarovski heart pendants, 2 ribbon charms, a hoop of fresh water pearls and, some silver metallic beads and 1 transparent Czech crystal bead. Hoop earrings, selling at $11. A lot of hard work was put into making it, took me hours! Hope you like them!
Better view of the design.
Close up of the swarovski heart pendant.
How the earrings look like from the front when you wear them, which I know you want to(:
Now, how they look from the side view!

So if you are interesred in purchasing these items just email me in the following order.
Order and quantity:

And it will be from your address will I then decide how to pass you your items! Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!

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