Monday, January 04, 2010

New bracelets + Hair Accessories

Hey guys, so here's another quick update. But what's so special about this update is that I finally added hair accessories to my line! YAY! So all you guys out there who are not a huge fan of jewellery but are more inclined to things that you decorate your hair with, this is a post for you! Haha! Lets start with the bracelets first, saving the best for last(:

Flower Power

Full photo of the bracelet, Flower Power! For all you flower fanatics! Made up of teal coloured clay flower beads, transparent Czech crystal bead, and rhodium chains. Selling at $6. Few pairs available.

Close up of the pretty rose!
Bracelet on my hand, really sweet!

With Attitude
This bracelet, With Attitude, comes with a near black rhodium chain, a patterned ribbon and a ballerina charm. Selling at $8. Back in stock. But I ran out of this ribbon, changing it to pure white one instead. Still looks really pretty though(:
Close up of the ribbon and its pattern, really pretty...
How it looks like on my hand, from the front.
And now from the back.

Now time for the hair stuff. Here are some really cute hair pins, a good way to spice up a plain outfit. All the designs for the hair pins are made up of felt, beads, nail polish, wool and a bobby pin. All of them are selling at $3 each, but there is a special offer going on now. Buy 3 for only $7.50! Place your order right this minute!


Candy Cane

Powerpuff Girls
Really reminded me of the heart thing from the Powerpuff Girls cartoon show!

Strawberry Ice Cream

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