Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valentine's Day Series

Hey guys! Really sorry for the lack of updates recently, as I've been really busy with school and all. So here's the jewellery pieces that I made especially for Valentine's Day, so hope you like them! If your planning to give this away as a Valentine's Day gift, then be sure to order this at least 1 week before the 14th of Feb. Also, in order to receive your orders asap, please pay me and respond to my emails quickly! Thanks!

Flowers for my Love (Limited pairs available)

Comes with pink clay flower beads, glass beads and baby pink Czech crystal beads. Selling at $6.

Tying the Knot
Comes with a white suede leather cord, silver-plated chains and fresh water pearls. Selling at $4.

Mystic (Limited)

Made up of black disc-shaped glass beads and silver Czech crystal beads. Selling at $6.

I'm Complicated

How it looks like when worn. Made up of brown beads and glass beads. Selling at $9.

You're Beautiful

Made up of peach coloured beads all hooked together to form a bracelet. Not adjustable so be sure to include your wrist circumference when you order. Selling at $5.

I Love You (Currently OOS, feel free to request!)
How it looks like without flash.
And how it looks like with flash.
Close up of the huge heart pendant (1.5 inches wide). Made up of the heart pendant, with crystals within its design, white suede leather cord (30 inches long) and small rings. Adjustable. All you have to do is untie the knot and tie it back once you've got the suitable length you desire.

When 2 Hearts become 1 (OOS, request if you want)

Made up of a pinkish-purple small Swarovski heart, a pink medium sized Swarovski heart, silver-plated chains, and a leaf bail. Selling at $15.


Close up of the charms and the design.
How it looks when you wear it.

Made up of silver-plated chains, a white suede leather cord, white clay flower beads, fresh water pearls, a dress charm and transparent and baby pink Czech crystal beads. The sliver-plated chain is 16-18 inches and the suede leather cord is 30 inches, but its adjustable.

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