Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Contact lenses for sale!

Hey guys, so I'm back with another sale but this time its not for jewellery but for contact lenses. Weird I know...but because my degrees have increased so drastically in the last couple of years, I have loads of unused contacts with degrees that are way too low for me. So, the first one I'm selling is:

Mediflex 55

Never been opened before. Contains 6 monthly contacts (that means you have a 3 month supply) that are visibility-tinted and UV-blocking. Degrees -3.00 (300 degrees without astigmatism), diameter 14.2, BC 8.6. The expiry date is 2014/12.

PLUS!!! I'm adding another monthly pair free! Pair is the same as the contacts above but its expiry date is the 2015/01. Selling at SGD$40, price neg., free shipping. Original price $40 for a box of 3 pairs.

Sales are only open to people residing in Singapore. Payment by bank transfer. Free shipping. Email nicoledominiquejl@hotmail.com if interested.


Computergirl said...

Hey, You left a comment on my blog about the Urban decay Hall of fame set. That one went. I might be able to get another- I think I saw one on its own in a chemist the other day (Obv I would sell it for the price I bought it for as I dont want to end up out of pocket). Let me know if you want to take this further and get me to look!
Thanks for stopping by my blog

NicoleDominique said...

Replied on your blog(: