Sunday, August 01, 2010

6 New Jewellery Pieces (Image Heavy)

Yo!! So I'm back with a new update!! Hope you guys like what you see!! Special promotion going on now, here's the link: Check it out, you don't wanna miss out on this promotion. Follow my blog and email me at for enquiries or orders, or just use the order form provided(:

Greek Goddess

This bracelet really reminds me of the kind of jewellery that women wear in the Greek ages like in Troy! Hence the name I gave it. Selling at $13 for both the bracelets. Made up of a Crystallized Swarovski 10mm heart in PH, white ribbon, blacken grey chain, freshwater pearls and a heart charm.

How the Swarovski Heart looks like without flash.
And with flash.

How it looks like from the back.

And from the front.

Earth and Water (One of a kind)

This piece is one of a kind! I used brown suede leather cord, a large blue and silver glass bead and some blue beads. This is selling at $12.


Selling at $7. Made up of a white suede leather cord, metal beads and fresh water pearls. It looks really classy and would look good with any outfit.

Simple and Sweet

A really pretty and simple looking bracelet thats made up of fresh water pearls, Czech pink crystal beads and a square clasp thing for which I don't know the name for. Selling at $8. Used loads of good quality beads to make this.

Purple Sky

Another pair of earrings called Purple Sky. Made up of good quality Crystallized Swarovski 14mm PH Hearts on love baits. Selling at $12, cause the Swarovski elements did not come cheap. It sparkles really beautiful in sunlight and with flash.

Ice Fairy

Another cool ring and I love it cause its pure white and it means that you can wear it with anything! It made up of crystal pearls, fresh water pearls, silver Czech crystal beads and a white ribbon bow. Its adjustable! Selling at $9. Hope you like all that you see!! Place your orders now and thank you to all those that have been supporting me! Love you guys loads!

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