Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Jewellery

Hey guys, here's an update for the holidays! I really hope you like these news pieces and maybe buy a few as presents for your loved ones on Christmas! Also, join my Christmas Giveaway where you stand to win two jewellery pieces from my line. Enter here.

Kitty Cat

Arent't the kitty charms cute? Selling at $6

My Pet Parrot

Selling at $5.

Autumn Leaves

Selling at $4

Queen Elizabeth

Selling at $5.

Other possible ring or earring designs

Names: (Left to right)Flower 1, Flower 2, Flower 3, Flower 4, Flower 5
Here are some other flowers that I can make into a ring or earrings. Just state the flower number and whether you want it as a ring or earrings.

Pony Ride

I haven't made a long necklace in so long! Hope you like it! Selling $14.

Racing Stripes

Made up a of stainless chain that will never tarnish nor rust and fresh water pearls. Which such quality material comes the price! Selling at $18. This baby will last you forever! No pun intended!
Pink Heart Handphone Charm

Just a cute handphone charm made out of a Pink Swarovski Crystal. Selling at $7.

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