Thursday, June 09, 2011

Titanic (Necklace) + Aurèlie Bidermann Inspired Do Brazil bracelet

Another very short quick update for you .

Real Crystallized Swarovski Medium Heart and a helical chain. It is really and absolutely GORGEOUS in the light. The closest picture of the pendant in real life is the one that I took on my hand and behind a green outdoor background (Last 3 pictures). Truly a stunning piece to keep. Selling at $14.

Avery (Inspired by Aurèlie Bidermann's Do Brazil Bracelet)
Do Brazil Bracelet Inspiration
A very very unique piece which is definitely gonna be a conversation starter and get you loads of compliments. You can request for different coloured strings to be used (maximum of 4 different colours) of your choice. Basically your own colour combo that you would like for the bracelet and you can request for the braiding to be done on both sides of the bracelet. Extra charges apply where necessary. Selling at $9 which is a 100 times cheaper than the original.

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