Wednesday, December 23, 2009

'Labeled After' Series (First piece)

So... I'm starting this collection called the 'Labeled After' Series where the pieces I make reflect a lot about the people closest to my heart, in terms of design, colour and even its title. This collection would show a series of jewellery pieces all named after my closest friends and family. To kick off this collection would be this really beautiful bracelet that I made for my friend Amanda.

Dismantle.Repair (The Amanda)

Full photo of the bracelet and its pretty charms.
Closer shot of the three charms! 'Made with love' and ribbon charm, AND this-sophisticated-looking-square-charm-thing. (:
Close up of the ribbon charm!
Close up photo of the 2 other charms!! Btw, the bracelet also has tranparent, black and pink beads. Chains used are silver-plated. Selling at $9.
The bracelet on my hand, looks cool eh? Sorry Amanda, I had to model with it just a bit!! HA!

I designed this bracelet for Amanda because the bracelet like Amanda is expressive and wild, (a good wild I mean, wild as in she is able to live her life with no chains holding her back, a life filled with freedom) but at the same time, the bracelet, like Amanda has a certain grace, beauty and elegance about it. Lets just say Amanda is a full package(: NO pun intended okay!!

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