Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another 'Labeled After' entry (Second piece)

So another update! I really don't have very much to say except that this piece was created after my maid, May. Hope you like it! Many more pieces are coming up so stay tuned!

Full photo of the bracelet, May. Selling at $9. Full list of what materials I used below.

Close up shots.

The bracelet, May on my hand.

So here's the list of materials that I used:
Stainless steel chain
Transparent Czech crystal bead
Turquoise Czech crystal bead
Crackle mix teal glass bead
Mix swirl glass bead
Black disc glass bead
Metallic silver bead
Dress charm
Tube blue glass bead

Hope you like it and place orders!! Once again, here's the how you order. Email me at this add: with the following information.
Name (real name of course):
Your order and quantity (tell me the name of the jewellery piece and how many you want for each piece):

Thanks! And happy holidays guys!

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