Monday, December 28, 2009

Swarovski Series, another entry!

Here's 2 other pieces for the Swarovski Series! They are REALLY cute! So BUY, BUY, BUY!

Key To My Heart (2 pairs left)
Full photo of the earring, Key To My Heart. Comes with a pink Swarovski heart and a large key charm (nearly 2 inches in length or 4.5cm) that hangs on a hoop earring. Selling at $10!
See how the Swarovski heart just glistens in the sunlight?

Close up of the pretty pink Swarovski Heart!

Love Me For Me (OOS, request if you want it)
Half photo of the necklace showing you all the MANY charms! Haha! All the charms are hanging on a ring which is attached to the chain that will go around your neck. Selling at $13. List of all the charms etc. will be listed below.

How it looks when you wear it.
Full photo of the necklace if you were to wear it and I know you so wanna wear this necklace! Haha!
Close up shots of the charms!

Chain of the necklace, consisting of a silver-plated and pink suede leather chain.
The pink suede leather chain is removable (just untie the knot to remove), so you can take it out and just wear it with the silver-plated chain on its own.

Materials used:
Silver-plated chains
Pink suede leather chain
Rhodium ring
Large key charm (4.5cm)
Pink Swarovski heart charm
Maroon Czech crystal bead
Silver Czech crystal bead
Baby pink Czech crystal bead
Camera charm
Polka dot light green glass bead

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